Meet Henry Briggs



Officer Henry Briggs is being honored for demonstrating extraordinary compassion in helping a community member get back on his feet after a job loss.  While on patrol, Officer Briggs and Sergeant Darryl Honoré met a man in need of a ride.  The officers learned that the man had lost his job, but was excited to have a new job starting soon. Days later, Sergeant Honoré ran into the man again at his new workplace.  He learned the gentleman had an amazing work ethic but was living in his car due to temporary homelessness. This lack of housing was also separating him from his wife and daughters.

Upon hearing this, Officer Briggs went out of his way to contact a friend, who was able to find the man and his family an apartment to live in. Officer Briggs surprised the man with his new home, just in time to move in for the holidays.

Officer Briggs, whose own home was at the time still damaged because of the August Flood, went out of his way to show empathy to his fellow Baton Rouge resident and ensure the man and his family had a roof over their heads.

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