Meet George Morrison


Officer George Morrison – Krotz Springs Police Department

In the wee hours of a Friday morning, a trucker from Florida carrying a load of cattle broke down in the small town of Krotz Springs. Within a matter of minutes, Officer George Morrison stopped to help with traffic control and to assist the truckers in making local contacts. Unable to secure roadside assistance or a parts runner at 1 am, the truckers were out of ideas. They had determined that the alternator was the problem and that if they could just get some batteries they could get the cattle moving again.  Unfortunately, the batteries were 40 miles away in a truck stop in Lafayette.  After a few minutes of trying to figure how to get the batteries from Lafayette to Krotz Springs at 1am, Officer Morrison reached in his pocket, pulled out his keys and said, “ok who’s gonna drive my Jeep?”  He said, ”look I’m on till 5 am and I can’t just leave y’all stranded. Hop in my cruiser and I’ll take you to the office and you can get my jeep and go get some batteries if that’s what it takes to get y’all going again.”  It wasn’t until they reached the police department that the men even exchanged names.  Officer Morrison’s trust in his fellow man and selflessness is exceptional.

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