Meet Hue Pham


Officer Hue Pham – Baton Rouge Police Department

It was a cold November afternoon when Officer Hue Pham arrived to investigate a young mother and child in a retail parking lot.  The temperature was in the low 50’s that afternoon.  The mother was appropriately dressed for the cold weather, but the baby’s arms and legs were bare, wearing only a onesie.  A second officer quickly wrapped the baby in his own jacket.  Unsure how long it would be before the infant’s mother was arrested, Officer Pham decided the baby needed more than just the jacket since despite being in uniform himself, including a jacket, he was still cold.  He knew that the baby must also still be cold.  Officer Pham entered a nearby discount store and scavenged for some clothing for the infant.   He purchased a couple of pairs of socks and the smallest size t-shirt he could find.  Officer Pham also later stayed with the baby at the hospital to further insure the infant was in good hands.  Officer Pham not only gave his time to care for this infant, he also shared his treasures, spending his own money to purchase clothes for the baby.

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